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ReWrite TextFile fires I/O Error 50


Delphi 10.1: I sometimes have the error 50 when I try to create a file:
    f : TextFile;
  ReWrite(f,'\\myServer\anyPath\myFile.txt');  //Error 50 if the file exists

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I also tried to delete the file before if it exists. That is also impossible. Deleting in the explorer works and the I can ReWrite it. This error occurs in programs that never had problems. I think it has something to do with a Windows-Update. How can I solve this?

Thanks, Peter
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Manuel Lopez-Michelone
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I found the error described in

I/O error 50:

//IO Error 50L
//The network request is not supported

Is this make any sense to you in your software? I dont understand what is wrong.
good luck

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thank you for this hint, but it doesn't solve my problem. I think it is really a network-problem. On local machines I didn't see this error.
Do you want to delete file after usage (and app exit) each time? And why you think that this is a network problem?
Is you file locally on disk or somewhere on local net?
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no, I don't want delete it after usage. I want to rewrite it and then I get thiss error. And I think it is a network-issue because
1. I never saw it on a local machine, only when the file is on a server.
2. The link above from Manuel says error 50 is a network-issue

If you are always creating/rewriting the file on the C: drive, it is unlikely to be a network error, as such. Are you closing the file properly having finished working on it? If not, a second request to rewrite it may be failing because the file is in use. Your code block does not make it clear that you are correctly closing the file.

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sorry, that was a bad example with "c:\". It is really only on a server-path. I modified it in my question above.

If there where a problem with an opened file it couldn't be deleted in the windows-explorer - but it can be deleted there and after deleting it can be created in my program.
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