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Create a page reference bookmark for end of a table that will be updated if the table moves onto another page

agwalsh asked
If I want to set up a bookmark cross reference for the end of a table so that if the table moves onto another page, the bookmark will reflect that...what's the best way to do that?
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Top Expert 2012

Not quite sure what difficulty you are having. Select the end of the table - say the last cell - and bookmark it. Then insert a cross-reference to that bookmark.

The bookmark will stay with the table even if text is inserted or deleted earlier in the document


I did try that - but what happened when someone added on new cells afterwards is that it stayed with the cell it was inserted with, not the end of the table...and I want it to be linked to the end of the table...
What I came up with in the end was to add a piece of random text at the end of the table, colour it white and link the bookmark to that.