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Outlook recurring room booking with exception

LiamMcKay asked
I am using Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019, with Exchange Online.  When creating a recurring appointment that includes a room resource, if the room is booked for just one of those recurring appointments, the room fails to book for any of the dates.

How do I create a recurring appointment, that, if a room is booked for just one of those occasions, the rest of the occasions the room is booked - without having to create separate appointments or pull appointments out of a series, then having to rebook both the series again and the separate appointment.

I know previous versions of Exchange let you book recurring appointment resources if they were free and only warned that the busy ones couldn't be booked.
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Saif ShaikhServer engineer

Resource Booking Assistant never allows double booking of a resource room calendar as a result of a recurring meeting request . This is by design but you can use 2 workarounds if its a recurring appointment.

Please refer article below for more information on the workaround.

Senior Infrastructure Engineer
you can set the ConflictPercentageAllowed on a calendar in the exchange shell using set-calendarprocessing command

the link below describes  it

"The ConflictPercentageAllowed parameter specifies the maximum percentage of meeting conflicts for new recurring meeting requests. Valid input for this parameter is an integer from 0 through 100.

If a new recurring meeting request conflicts with existing reservations for the resource more than the percentage specified by the ConflictPercentAllowed value, the recurring meeting request is automatically declined. When the value is 0, no conflicts are permitted for new recurring meeting requests."


eg if you set conflicts allowed to 50% and if you are booking a reoccurring meeting with 10 occurrences, if 4 of them conflict it will still process the other 6

let us know if you need help with the command to change it