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East West Firewalling in VMW Other than NSX DFW

At the new gig they were considering NSX as part of another technology purchase. But when they got the $$$ quote for NSX they begged off. I was hoping they'd do it so I could implement east-west network controls. Are there some other means to get there - that is firewall at each VM but manage the rules for all the VMs (or a subset) through a central management pane? I'd at least like to protect their most critical hosts from east west threats but I don't want to manage a bunch of firewalls on local hosts. I had heard perhaps Norton has something in this space? Does Microsoft have something? Other offerings I should consider? Thank you.
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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
unfortunately I know of nothing that compares to NSX micro-segmentation, it's amazing and very well integrated into the platform. You could look at Illumio or Aviatrix but all of these do so much more than just per-VM firewalls and as such are fairly expensive.
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