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Looking for steps to image new Windows 10 Pro desktops.

Hey everyone,

The office bought 17 new Dell Optiplex 5060's with Windows 10 Pro. I want to load the company software and run all the updates but I haven't done a large image project since ghosting disk to disk lol.

Could someone give me the steps they use (and software of choice) to create a bootable image of finished desktop that I can use on a USB. It would save a ton of time.

Thank you as always.
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Microsoft has designed free tools for this scenario called Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. The best way is to create a virtual machine the way you want it and then capture that machine then deploy it
For usb installs (why not network?) you create the media in MDT and then put that media on the usb drive.
I don't recommend these FAT captures but a basic OS installation and then add the applications afterwards
Note for imaging rights you need VL media to create the image. OEM software is specifically excluded from imaging rights no matter how you do it.
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David J covered what I was about to ask re: OS licensing.


These are all OEM from Dell so I guess that's that. Thought I could save a few hours loading their management software on each machine. Thanks for the all the information.
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Depending on what the management software is, or what is required, look at using a GPO software deployment mechanism.

See if the installer supports the /a option or comes in as an MSI.. Or you would need to use I think the tools is called orca that can take the EXE and build an answer files to then be combined in the MSI...