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Sent Gmails showing up in Outlook Inbox

dashman asked
When I send an email to someone from either Gmail's web interface or from my Gmail account on my Android, I receive a copy of that email in my Outlook 2013 Gmail inbox. I do not however get a copy in my Gmail inbox with the web interface or on my phone. I have no filters or forwarding configured in settings on Gmail. My gmail account is set up as a POP account for specific reasons so configuring as IMAP is not an option.

I have searched for an answer and tried several suggestions but none of them appear to be stopping this action.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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What would you like it to be? What you describe right now, is the best you can get (and how EVERYONE else wants it to be, people using POP3 at least)

Right now, your Outlook will get some kind of proof that you sent it (In Web/Android app, it's in the Sent folder). Would you rather not have proof on your Outlook? That's kind of weird.

If you want it in Sent Items, make an inbox rule. If you want it deleted, make an inbox rule.


I don't need the proof in Outlook when I have it on my phone and webmail. I created the rule to put it in sent in Outlook. I thought that perhaps there was a way to prevent it altogether but this was easy enough.