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Office 365 and syncing between online and on computer

I have a client that purchased Office 365 thru his webhost, BluHost about 6 months ago. He downloaded and installed it with the help of their tech support. It took 'forever' for it to start processing his email. He finally contacted BluHost Tech Support and it took another week for them to get it 'cleared up. He was finally able to access his email from the site, where he downloaded Office for two of his home computers. He discovered that none of them were in sync and I am sure that he fooled around with the settings trying to get his main home computer's pst file merged with Office 365 Outlook. Since then he has what appears to be three separate installs of Office, the cloud version and one each on 2 Windows 7 computers.

My question is, how do I go about getting all his old email and current email (and calendar, tasks, etc.) to sync up so that no matter where he goes, he has an update copy of his Outlook.
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Depends on a few factors. But main point to keep in mind, his mail is always there, the same in the cloud (since he can find it in
Reasons you may _think_ that "none of them are in sync", is either:
- It's a big mailbox, it's still syncing after adding the account
- You're talking about seperate PST files (those never sync, it's just a file on the PC)

To clearly see the current version of the mailbox right now, don't use Cache mode in the account settings. If you do, wait for it to fully synchronise (which dependso on the size of the mailbox)
PST files, you  need to import back by yourself. Use Outlook import functions, or copy and past yourself all that you need to be in the cloud.
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On his original Windows 7 Office 2010, he did have a lot of pst files, the main one, and about 4 archives, all *.pst. He said that he tried to 'copy' the pst files to the outlook. It has been over 6 months since he started this and only called me in in the last week or so. He said that after he had the Outlook 365 operating and receiving emails, etc, he received some sort of notification that for a fee, a company could take all his pst files and import them into the cloud. He didn't want to pay the money for what he thought was or should have been a simple copy and paste!

Should Outlook 365 be the main location to point the other two PCs too? I think he thinks that the two PCs each have their own full copies and that each PC should therefore be pointing to their local pst files. Which I tried to explain to him that now that he is on Office 365, which is Exchange based, that it is an ost file.
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Thank you both for your advice. I will test Kimputer's suggestions to see which works best in his unique situation.