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Exchange licencing

Comp_support asked
Hello people,

We have a customer currently running exchange 2010. We are planning to migrate to exchange 2016 (since cannot coexist with exchange 2019) and configure DAG.

We would like to know what licences we will need. For exchange servers and CAL's.

There are around 200 users-mailboxes and 5 mailboxes which will be reduced to 2 mailboxes finally by moving mailboxes.

Thank you !
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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You need 1 Exchange Standard CAL per HUMAN BEING - not user account, not mailbox - who will access the server.  If you want to use Enterprise features, you need to get Enterprise CALs for each HUMAN BEING who needs Enterprise features.

Enterprise CALs do NOT replace standard CALs - if a person needs Enterprise features, they need BOTH Standard CALs AND Enterprise CALs.

Licensing Disclaimer
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ok, we ll have to check with them what they need to do.

regarding exchange servers ? I need 2 licences for exchange 2019 std to support DAG or we need enterprise ?
Technology and Business Process Advisor
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You should be able to do it with Standard, however, yes, you need TWO Exchange licenses as you'll have two servers running exchange.


Thank you very much. It's clear now !