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how do you start as organizer/presenter of meeting you started (gotomeeting) if a computer reboots?

mkramer777 asked
Trying to figure out what happens to a gotomeeting event when a computer turns off or reboots.  I am testing some thngs for an event using gotomeeting and I wanted to see what would happen if I powered off the computer when the event was in progress.  I was the presenter of the event sharing out my mic and and camera.  When the computer rebooted and returned to the desktop, I clicked back into the gotomeeting app and saw "my meetings"  I clicked on this and saw the meeting in progress.  I entered the meeting but it added me as a participant.  How do I go back into a meeting as the organizer and presenter if I have a computer that has rebooted or shut down for some reason?
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Training Specialist
Typically, GoToMeeting will assign one of the attendees as presenter if you drop off. When you get back in, right click your name and click to "make presenter"