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any way to see what ip on network is uploading data

mkramer777 asked
Is there an easy way on our network to see who is uploading a large file that is killing our internet speed?  Our ISP says that our connection is pegged because some device is uploading a large amount of data.  Is their a free software that can be used to see what IP address this is?  Network is windows 2012 environment.
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Software Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018
1) You should be able to put a rule on your firewall to show what sessions do go outside. (warn on a rule, and still allow it..). be careful not to allow stuff you actually want to be blocked...
2) on the switch connected to you uplink router, create a copy/monitor port  and send all traffic to the uplink router also there.
Connect a traffic analyzer ( wireshark, tcpdump) to the copy port and see what happens.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Your router might be able to do this, and your firewall really should be able to do this. It is very device specific. What do you have at your network edge? It would need to be able to see the private IP of devices before it gets NAT to public.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Take noci's advice.

Startup tshark/wireshark or tcpdump.

Better to test + know, than guess.