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Excel show "Ready" if multiple cells have value "Good"

Hi experts,

What is the formula in Excel to show "Ready" if multiple cells, see screenshot, have value "Good" ?
I tried formula
=IF(AND(EXACT(Export___Daily_Sheet_Scaling_2_Screening[@[Boomcode check_DSLR_S]:
[Species check_DSI_F]],"Good")),"Ready","Not Ready")

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but it gives error "Value"
User generated image
If I use formula
=IF(EXACT([@[Boomcode check_DSLR_S]],"Good"),"Ready","Not Ready")

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it works, but that only checks 1 cell.
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Bill Prew

The AND() needs to contain a list of multiple individual cell comparisons, not a range.

If you have a lot of cells n the range then it might be easier to do a COUNTIF() with a "<>" to the value "Good" and if the count is greater than 0 then assign "Not Ready" else "Ready".

This may help..

Shows that the exact function can be done over a range
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Bill Prew

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Ahahaha, oh my goodness, so simple. I only needed to press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER rather than just ENTER.
It works! Thanks experts