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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC - how to get rid of pop-up

A while ago I made a change in the settings/preferences in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  Now, when I go to close a document it pops up with a dialog box asking what to do with the hidden information.  I don't want it to pop-up every time I close a document; it is so frustrating.  I changed something, but don't know what I have searched the Adobe forum and Google and cannot find a setting to change.
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Technology Director
Check within your Acrobat DC Preferences. Look for Documents Category pane. Within that preference pane you should see Open Settings, Save Settings, PDF/A View Mode and Hidden Information. Within the Hidden Information settings, you likely have Remove Hidden Information when Closing Document checked. Uncheck it and you should not see that Popup anymore when closing documents.
Jan MishkinIT Manager


Ooooooh, bless you!  This did it!!  I have been fighting this for months.  All the best, Ugo!