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How to perform a secured redirect for Citrix Director + XenApp 7.15

Trying to find a document to secure the Citrix Director when you have multiple Delivery Controllers when my workstation crashed.    Sad part is I was pretty far into this, but can't find the document again _ my bad for not marking it.  I have already setup the Virtual server and server group on the Netscaler.  However; I need to do the last piece to do the redirect to secure this so I can point to the VIP for management.

Basically, I am trying to publish the VIP in DNS to access Citrix Director from a published app so I don't need to publish each individual one and this to be https and not http.

Any thoughts on where this document is?  I can't believe I can't find it.  

Thanks in advance.
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The Citrix article I was following was having me configure the responder method.  Though with that being said, is there one that is better than another?
I don't know if one is better than the other, but I use the responder method, because the down vServer method has a hardcoded FQDN in it, and I prefer not hardcoding anything in case the FQDN should change.
Thank you, with you. I'll finish the responder, thanks for the link,.  Appreciate it.
You are most welcome.