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Switching from Skype

Now that Skype no longer allows a customized voicemail greeting, I'm looking for an alternative.

I have a Skype Number that I'll port over to the new system, so it needs to accept incoming calls on that number. Other than that all I really care about is voicemail. Skype cost me about $100 a year for the number + my plan, and I'd sure like to stick around that price range.

Any ideas?
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Is running  a 3CX, or FusionPBX on own equipment? (Pure VOIP)
Talk from Nextcloud can be an option as replacement as well  (WebRTC)
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Thanks Noci, but I'm not looking to host my own or anything of that nature. I just need a system like Skype that allows me to customize my voicemail message.
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I'm looking at 3cx now, seems like it might work.
I got 3cx setup on Amazon Lightsail, much easier and quicker to setup that I thought it would be. Signed up with Skyetel for the VOIP stuff, and they integrated very well together.

Thanks very much for your help!
Thanks again for your help.
no problem.