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iTunes backup error

I run Windows 10 on my Lenovo laptop, and  use iTunes to synchronize my Outlook 365 with my iPhone.   Today I tried to run my usual synchronization, and got the following message:

Itunes backup message
I don't know what went wrong, or what to do to fix it.  Please help.


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Try to restart BOTH the iPhone and PC, then try to temporarily disable your Antivirus program, and also try to rename your backup folder:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
Rename the backup folder to backup2 or something. Maybe move it away to an external hard disk to free up space.
James Edwards3rd Line Engineer

As it specifically mentions the backup, it might also be worth recreating your 'profile'.  Before double-clicking iTunes to run it, hold down left-shift.  You should then be able to choose to create a new library.  The same technique applies if your iTunes starts up automatically from plugging your phone in.  Hold down left-shift the second your hands are free after plugging the phone in.


Thank you!