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SBS 2011 to WSE2016 Redirected Folders

dpacheco asked
Migrating from SBS 2011 Window Server Essentials 2016. I have done this migration a few times but have never migrated redirected folders.
I see this info which seems straightforward. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server-essentials/migrate/configure-folder-redirection-on-the-windows-server-essentials-destination-server

Assuming I follow the directions are there any gotcha's with the process? I almost feel like it's too easy, lol.
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Using that method, the client will copy between the two locations, fine for a few MB, when it's GB, not so good.

Of course if the redirected folders had been to a DFS shared path, then one could use DFS replication to copy the contents, and then change the path it pointed to.