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PST Import issues with Outlook 2016

Hello experts. I recently exported a GSuite hosted mailbox on my Outlook 2016 (64 bit) running on Windows 10 x64. When I attach the export PST file, it shows me the number of unread items next to each folder in the navigation pane, however when I select the folders, it displays no messages at all. My PST file is 17GB so it clearly has something in it. I have tried import the PST instead of attaching but it imports nothing. I ran an outlook repair on it, it found some errors and said it fixed them, but I still cant see any messages.
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Look at the lower left status, if it says "Filter applied", it's the reason why you're not seeing messages. Clear all filters. Usually happens with IMAP PST folders.
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Following that, there are a number of PST repair tools out there that are free to try. I won't recommend any specific because it tends to attract spam. However these will at least tell you if there is something wrong with the file.
Chewe ChilesheManaging Director


Thank you experts