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Buying time with Windows 7

al4629740 asked
With the phase out of Windows 7, is there any way that users can continue to get security updates of any sort while they transition to the new system?  Suppose a Windows 7 user continues to use their system for the next couple years, what options do they have?
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Pay Enterprise grade subscription from MS. There are some rules (like high mininum amount to start), but basically, if you don't have tons of money (_literally_), you'll be left WITHOUT security updates.
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

I think it starts at $50 per machine for the first year, then $100 for the second year per machine, maybe $200 for year 3 per machine?
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Still waiting to see but critical security updates may still be provided as in the greater interest of the Windows user population generally (see what happened with XP when the same thing happened).

Other updates certainly won't be provided and I'm not advocating staying with W7 for any production environment unless you go with an extended support agreement. But as already described these are aimed at large minimum numbers and expensive, they are not for home or small businesses. M$ are using the cost to incentivize moving to W10.
Year two extended support expected to be more expensive still.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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If you're running Windows 7 Pro, you can purchase (through a Microsoft partner that sells Microsoft products like Office 365) additional support years with the price doubling every year.  Originally they announced one price then I've heard from several others, it's been increased by a little over 20%.  So for year 1, it's $50-62, Year 2 expect to pay $100-$125, Year 3 expect to pay $200-$250.  As I understand, once you purchase the additional time, you will get a new product key that needs to be installed - that is how the Updates will be permitted.
David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
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It has also been reported that there is no 4th year option


Thank you gentlemen.  Looks like MS is leveraging windows 7 to get everyone on board.