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Where is _$SERVER['LOGIN_URL'] actually defined?

Bruce Gust
Bruce Gust asked
I'm working on some code and I'm trying to pop the hood on the login logic.

I'm trying to track down the URL that's actually handling the SELECT that will query the database and I keep seeing this:


I see it referenced in the code, but I've yet to locate where it's actually defined.

Having googled it, I get the impression that this is a fairly common piece of syntax.

What is it and were do you find it?
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Hey Bruce,

Usually, the SERVER array is set by the webserver itself (Apache / Nginx), so you may want to look in the config settings for that.

Are you sure it's SERVER and not SESSION?
Bruce GustPHP Developer


It is $_SERVER and you're right, it is an Apache setting - something I don't have access to.


I was able to figure things out and the ticket has been solved!


Thanks for your help!