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Outlook 2010 Tasks - Can't delete

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis asked
I use Outlook 2010 with an Exchange back end. I have 18 Tasks in my task list that will not go away. I've tried searching all my emails to see if some of these tasks match up but they do not.

I have tried deleting them and as well as Remove from the List. They go away for a couple of minutes and then you can watch them come right back. What gives? When does Delete not mean delete? Thanks for any help.
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Karen FalandaysTraining Specialist

Try changing view of tasks to Active. Are they still there?


No, they go away but I occasionally have to look back at my completed tasks and they get mixed up in the bunch. I really need to delete them rather than filter them.
Training Specialist
That should not be the case. You may need to click to Reset View in the View tab or run a /cleanviews
Let me know what you see