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Windows 10 Pro, non-DOMAIN, disable all INTERNET access, including WIFI ?

How can I disable "all INTERNET access, including WIFI"
on the below #4 via gpedit.msc or something else ?

   ** Operating System = Windows 10 Pro
   ** User = 15 year old child
   ** Domain = NO

  1. I login as me since I am a "Local Admin"
  2. All "all INTERNET access, including WIFI"
     fails since I don't need it to work
  3. my 1 year old logs in with NO "Local Admin" rights
  4. All "all INTERNET access, including WIFI" fails
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So I am missing something as you said it all fails now.  If you don't want internet just dont connect a network cable and don't connect wifi.

Do you need access to the internal network over either?  In this case the firewall is a better location o restrict access.
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There is no reliable way to do this without 3rd party software. That's why there is even a market for parental control software. There are ugly workarounds, but they are easy to break or sidestep.
Maybe don't let your 1 year old use the computer?
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You can find out what the mac address of the computer is then log into your router and block the mac address from accessing the network, you can also restrict when the user can access the internet such as certain times of the day. If you want to block the user from accessing specific sites you can use a service such as  open DNS.  You can then block the whole household from accessing stuff like porn or filter access to other adult sites.  Depending what you want to do. Do you want to block everything from your 15 or just specific sites?
PS Open DNS is a free service provided by Cisco, all you need to do is change your ISP dns settings and use the Open DNS IP addresses to access this service. You create an account with Open DNS and setup the WAN IP address from your router on the OpenDNS site, select the categories you want to block then create a password. Then you configure your router.... to redirect the DNS to that of Open DNS.  I have been filtering the internet via OpenDNS in my home and it works well to protect access to sites I dont want people who connect through my internet.
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Unfortunately things like Mac address filtering DNS filtering that would impact the device no matter who is logged in. It isn't user specific.  That's why 3rd party support is needed.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

You can still use it at the device level, by changing the dns settings on the network card of the PC, but if the user has admin access to the pc they can easily change it so that it points to the DNS provided by the ISP.


Below was my final solution to BLOCK my 15 year old child's PC from all INTERNET access for $0

1.      Login as REGULAR user
2.      Do step #1 on https://www.guidingtech.com/block-all-websites-except-approved-ones-windows-10/
3.      Login as ADMIN user
4.      Do https://smallbusiness.chron.com/prevent-users-configuring-proxy-servers-browsers-44819.html
5.      Login as REGULAR user again
6.      Try to go to any webpage
7.      Everything fails as desired