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Export DNS records from one domain controller to another.

I have to two 2012 domain controllers (DC1 and DC2) in the same Forest under the same domain. A child domain was added. following the addition of the child domain controller (DC3) DNS records on DC2 disappeared and took only the entries from the child domain. How do I reverse this process. DC1 is good and I exported the entries but when I try to import them into DC2 using dnscmd it gave me the DNS error record already exists.  How can I safely copy/export/replicate DNS records from DC1 to DC2?
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If it is saying that records already exist then they probably do.  It is also best practice to have your DNS zones be AD integrated, so they always replicate automatically anyways.  I suspect this is already the case. Sounds like a GUI or user error issue.  Can you post screenshots of the discrepancies?


AD integration was active on DC1 and DC2. It was also active temporarily on the child domain DC3. Unfortunately the new DC3 only had two entries and it over wrote DC2, I assume during replication. I have since turned off ADintegration for DC3 as it will not be required. Now I have to make sure that all of the records on DC1 go back on DC2. I believe that it's saying the records already exists because the Zone already exists For example the Zone on DC1 and DC2 is sample.com and a Zone on DC3 is also called sample.com.
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Irrespective use AD-integrated zones. Do not copy entries

If you still want to copy entries, use PowerShell on DNSCmd