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NVR HDD failed.  Status: Error

We have NVR recorder WH-D5216 with SATA 4GB HDD (less than 3GB avail).  About 5 yr old system.  Overwriting option is enabled.  Retention policy almost a month with a motion detection enabled.

The system skipped recording (50hrs) earlier this week.  But recovered on its own.  Looks like the drive gave up today again.  And looks like its for good this time.   Shows 0.00 GB space with Status ERROR. I assume is time to replace the drive, or the entire system.  Its SATA HDD. Tried to boot remotely twice  no luck.

Is there a limit on how many times the HDD can be overwritten?
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Writing does increase wear on a drive, but a properly selected drive can have a 100% duty cycle for 5 years. There is no general limit to how many times a spinning drive can be written to.
Platter drives do not really die after so many writes : they usually loose sectors due to physical stress, overheating and the likes. They also sometimes have programmed obsolescence and will stop working after x many hours or platter spins.

cheap mlc ssds will loose a sector after 1k to 10k writes, and they compensate with many spare sectors.

Higher end ssd with slc, nram and such better techs have not yet died much, so we do not really know their limits precisely yet
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Spinning Rust Hard drives are mechanical devices and the magnetic media is capable of unlimited read/writes compared to SSD's which use capacitors which each cell has a finite number of writes. Good SSDs use wear leveling and instead of writing to sectors on tracks and cylinders they spread the writes among the cells
Sounds like the drive finally died so replace the drive. You should have done it the first time you noticed a problem.
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replacing the drive may not be all you need to do - look if there is a setup menu for the drive , to format it
you can also try to diagnose the drive on a pc, with disk diagnostics