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Dell PowerConnect 6224 Switch 1

Hi guys,
I found this switch that will be potential candidate for my lab.
can you give me confirmation on the technical details?

24 rj45 Port Giga Ethernet ?
4 SFP (not SFP+) port ?
Possibility to add 2 modules of 2 SFP+ 10GB port each?
Layer 3 routing?

I don't understand what type of pci-e card + sfp module I need for my server or workstation
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Not sure I understand what the question is.
The PC 6224 (depending on exact model) is a 24 port Gigabit switch, 4 ports are RJ45/SFP combo ports.
It supports optional modules, including 2 port XFP 10Gigabit modules (not SFP+).
It supports layer 3 routing if needed, using static routes, RIP and OSPF.

Quick google for a 10Gb PCIe card:

I'd use 10G-Base-SR modules (one XFP for switch, one SFP+ for the card) with multimode fiber (LC-LC connector) in-between.

As the switch supports a CX-4 module as well, you might be able to find CX-4 connector PCIe cards (i've never seen one, though) on ebay and use a CX-4 copper cable, which might make it cheaper.

Hope this helps, if you clarify the question we might be able to help further.

CX-4 PCIe cards do exist:

While it's not listed in the datasheet that I've found, looks like a 2 port SFP+ module exists for the PC 6200 series switches as well.


Hi TimotiSt,
there are a LOT of different modules, it's a jungle!
What is the meaning of SR?

I found this:
-for DELL https://www.fs.com/de-en/products/12378.html
-for intel network pci card https://www.fs.com/de-en/products/71385.html
-cable for connect https://www.fs.com/de-en/products/88528.html


TimotiStDatacenter Technician
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SR means Short Range; it uses 850nm laser wavelenght and multimode (MM) cabling. On OM3 grade fiber cables reach is 300m, on OM4 grade fiber it's 400m.

LR would be long range, it's typically more expensive, but could do 10km on singe-mode (SM) cable. In this case I don't think that's needed.

The above modules look okay, for cable use multimode:

Make sure you actually have the Dell 2 port 10Gb module in your switch before you buy the XFP module, to be sure.
TimotiStDatacenter Technician
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Yes, that looks like the correct XFP 10G module.