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Share Point MIgration to MS teams

I am planning Migrating our contents from SharePoint servers 2010, 2013 / file shares on prem to Office 365 Teams

This is for an enterprise environment in retail so we are using sharepoint heavily in our environment and we are currently in hybrid mode with office 365, sync users etc.

I am looking for my options, possibly I will be needing 3rd Tools, not sure this can be managed using native tools if there are such tools.

I briefly checked to see tools  there are on the net and followings i find

SPMT from microsoft, share point migration tool
SharePoint migration from Quest,

So, any experience /input appreciated

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Jamie McAllisterCloud Expert
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SharePoint is the product underlying Teams file collaboration but I wouldn't move wholeheartedly to Teams. Governance-wise there's likely to be content where SharePoint Online would be the natural home for the content. (Full control of permissions and deeper metadata usage amongst a few reasons). Teams generally allow Edit of all content for all Members.

Granted, Teams is a great collaboration space and for temporary initiatives, lower governance I'd agree that would have a home there.

Tools like Sharegate and Metalogix deserve a mention for moving such content to cloud.
EricSystem Admin


Hi Jamie,

Thank you very much for the repsonses. I am not an actually sharepoint or teams expert but I was asked to move the content, that is why I am trying to get some information to start planning

This is an part of over all domain migration projects.

Jamie, What about the free Share Point Migration Tool from Microsoft or Migration Suite from Dell , as we can also use this tool to move servers/ groups etc etc.

is there short coming if Share Point Migration tool from microsoft is used ! We might also be willing to pay for the another tool as well.

Thanks again

Cloud Expert
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The free tools miss nuance and capabilities. However they may be fine depending on how SharePoint and file shares are used. Is there complex metadata? Are the authorship or version history needing to be migrated?

Is a straight copy of content and structure required? (Not recommended)

There's a bunch of questions that usually need to be asked during the selection of the tool. If however management envisions a straight copy of everything regardless of usage then most tools will suit.

However for best effect those conversations should really take place. Usually most legacy content doesn't need to be migrated as it's already stale and should just be archived.
EricSystem Admin


thanks Jamie,  appreciated.  I am more interested in permissions on backend on prem and it seems that tools are able to translate permission