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Wireless connection doesn't "see" printers

New Lenovo Thinkpad laptop with Win10 Pro v1909 connected WIRELESSLY to a home office peer network.

Laptop connected to a NAS and a Unix server with no difficulty, but couldn't connect to any printers. One printer is an HP LaserJet with a static IP address. The other is a is a shared HP USB connected inkjet printer.

Neither printer's installer could see the target printer. The LaserJet was neither pingable nor could I connect to its webserver with a browser.

An older Windows 7 laptop, also connected wirelessly, has no difficulty printing to either of the printers.

The laptop gets it's IP address via DHCP. It's on the same network as all the other devices on, hence its ability to connect to the NAS and the UNIX server.

It's been driving me nuts...then I wa finally able to connect it to the network with a wire. Presto...both printers installed as expected. Went back to a wireless connection and the printers were unreachable again, as expected.

Why? ALL network properties for both the wireless and ethernet adapters are exactly the same. Network and Sharing options all all the same on a Private network.

What am I missing?

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Antivirus or Internet security software installed?
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Yes, but disabled. And I've similar installations many times with zero difficulty, which make it so frustrating.
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when you connect to wireless what is your IP?  when you connect to wired, what is your IP?  it is not uncommon for wireless to have its own dhcp server so you are getting a 10.x.x.x address and your wired is getting a 192.168.x.x
As I said in my post everything's on the same network, hence the laptop's ability to connect to the NAS and the server. The only difference between the wireless and the static IP addresses is the last octet. Every thing is 192.168.1.xx.
Yes, but disabled
You might need to uninstall antivirus or Internet security software installed? instead of them.
OK, just uninstalled the AV, and it's still not pingable.
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Also, check whether you have enabled AP isolation in your router.

That was it...kinda. Your reply reminded me of something. The new laptop was getting its IP address wirelessly from the SonicWALL TZ300W router, while the older laptop was getting it's IP address from a WiFi range extender! Once I connected the laptop to the range extender's WiFi (installed well before mesh WiFI became available) it was able to ping the printer. Npw I know what to fix!

Thank you!!
The router vs. extender doesn't sound right to me.  Either the laptop is on the network or it isn't.  Either the laptop is restricted or it isn't.
I rather suspect, as Jackie Man suggested, that the option to not allow clients to communicate has been Enabled.
The other, similar possibility, is that the network type on the laptop, when connected via the extender, is Public and you need it to be Private.