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Adding VM Domain Controller in Azure to on-prem Domain - manual DNS settings?

garryshape asked
I have an Azure VPN established to my on-prem firewall where my single domain AD Forest is. My goal is to get a Domain Controller VM up and running in Azure. I can already connect to the VM from on-site and vice versa, but I haevn't promoted to a DC yet.
My question is, would I need to configure the DNS settings at the VM level to point to an on-prem DC for it to see and join the domain? It's a single VNet with multiple subnets so I don't want the whole VNet using an on-prem DC as DNS.
I was going to also setup Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure and I'm not sure if those VMs that join this Domain would need to be using it as a DNS server or not.
And should I set the Azure VM DC to a static IP in its NIC properties?
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1st of all, you can't set static IP in NIC properties of Azure VM, you need to create reservation in Azure network card IP properties which is considered as static IP

In order to join this Azure VM to onpremise domain, you must add onpremise DC IP as primary DNS on Azure VM, You can do that by navigating VM properties \ network card \ dns server and set it there as primary DNS, this action will reboot the Azure VM

Once you promote azure DC, use Its IP as primary DNS on other VMs in Azure, you can make that settings in every VM properties \ DNS servers or for entire Azure Subnet you can assign DNS server IP
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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Add static public IP and add a UDP/TCP port 53 allow rule into NSG from a trusted IP. Add public external IP to on-prem DC DNS as a forwarder

However, I would rather do site-to-site VPN or ExpressRoute


Thanks both. Did site to site VPN and VNet gateway with DC in in VM.
Seperate vnet with the Azure DC VM set as DNS server for that vnet.