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how to show a different powerpoint presentation view to gotmeeting audience

I am using gotomeeting to video stream a powerpoint presentation.  I have shared out the screen to the audience.  Is there a way I can (the presenter) have the powerpoint presentation show the display of the slides with the preview of the next slide, but the audience only sees a full screen on the current slide?  See screenshot of what gotmeeting is showing the audience and what I am seeing on laptop.
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PowerPoint doesn't recognize GoToMeeting as a second monitor, so whether you are sharing the screen or sharing the application, the audience will see what you see.

If you have a second monitor, you can take advantage of Presenter View (with current slide and preview slide) and in GTM share the screen (monitor) on which the full-slide presentation is appearing.


What if I was using HDMI out to a projector?  Is the projector considered the 2nd monitor?
Yes, the projector is considered a second monitor.

In the Slide Show tab, click Presenter View. Start your presentation. If necessary, right-click on the full-screen slide and choose "Show Presenter View." Once you see Presenter View, if necessary, you can click the Display Settings button at the top of the Presenter View screen to swap the displays.

Then when you share in GTM, share the monitor with the full-screen image. (Probably the projected image, I'm guessing.)