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Why is my Crystal Report Viewer Greyed out

I am at the final stage of  getting crystal report to work

in my c# application.

I got to the stage of dragging the CrystalReportviewer to the Report Screen
but found out that the CrystalReportViewer is greyed  out (Not Active)  and simply
gives me a circle crossed red  when dragged  which does not get the viewer dragged

See attached screen below:

Crystal Report Viewer Greyed Out  . WHY ???
I believe i have followed all the steps by emoreau  except for the fact that this
time around my datasource is not inline but from a database

What do i need to do,  to get the Tools/Reporting/CrystalReportViewer  active and


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The CRViewer will be draggable to a form. Ensure you have a form visible before looking at the toolbox
Olukayode OluwoleSystems Analyst


Got it.

I am so grateful you were able to bear with me

all along.

Its been a long journey for me but it was worth it

Thank you very much