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When trying to click on a link to a customers Bentley Projectwise Server, the URL in the email shows "Redacted", we can't click the link to get to the server

In Outlook as a part of Office 365, a end user is experiencing an issue where his computer won't allow him to click on a link to a file that was sent from a third party. This worked for him before December, but since then, he says the function hasn't worked.
The organization that sent the link isn't open so I can't follow up with them today, but wondering if you know of a Outlook feature, or is this server end? To my knowledge there isn't a policy in place to filter attachments. This also doesn't appear to be happening with anyone other than the user.

The attachment says Redacted and the URL to it doesn't show. Normally we would have a ProjectWise link/URL.
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The link has been removed and the file has been redacted (removed)
Patrick DomanCTO / President


Right but I don't know if it is Outlook on the one machine or if there was an issue on the other end. Reason being is other have links since December that work. Another user established a new URL to a project and emailed it to the end user. This new URL for another project worked just fine. So it could likely be something on the other end, I'll identify tomorrow.
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There is a tool in place that appears to have had an issue with the HTML in the link. The vendor has removed the restriction and they are working on a fix.