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Data in datatable not showing after publishing, in MVC

I published a MVC project to a business server.  It works but the data in the datatable is not showing.
Although, when I just debug in Visual Studio there is data.
This project has 2 tabs:  
The first tab is to show the datatable in question which uses Entity Framework;  
The second tab also has a datatable which shows data that is accessed via Ado.Net.
Data in the first tab does not show, while it does in the second tab.  

Could the problem be that while the datatable on the first tab references to this link
 <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf8" src="https://cdn.datatables.net/1.10.16/js/jquery.dataTables.js"></script>

while for the second tab I imported the yadcf datatable
<script src="~/Yadcf/jquery.dataTables.yadcf.js"></script>   ?

FYI, when I published I used the below:

Publish method: Web Deploy
Server:  (Business Server Name)
Site name:  HelpDeskSupport
Username:  myUsername
Password:  myPassoword

Under "DBModel" as the datasource I added the SQL Server name with its username and password.
I checked the "Use this connection string at runtime..."

Could you please help me figure out what I have done wrong? Thank you.
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ZvonkoSystems architect
Top Expert 2006

Open in the browser the Developer Console by pressing F12 in the browser.
There you can see what resources are missing.


When I do F12 under the "Elements" I can see the references to the datatables(see attached photo).  Plus it looks like the datatable and its functionalities(search box, paging, column names) show up but without any data in it.
I found the solution.  There was some permission code that I set up which was not allowing to display records.  It makes sense as the datatable seemed to show up so I was thinking that it was some Entity Framework issue.
ZvonkoSystems architect
Top Expert 2006

Show me please the Console view and Network view from the Developer Console.
And you can Undock the Developer Console from your browser window with the three dots command opetion on the top right side.