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Options to automatically create backup of Access database

Dear experts,

What options are there in Access to automatically create a backup of the complete database at opening of the database or daily at a specific time? Preferably when the Access db is opened that a window asks the user if the user wants to create a backup of the database?
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Daniel Pineault

If your db is split, you can at the startup, before a lock file is created on the back-end prompt the user.  If they confirm, then it is a simple filecopy.

You don't want to perform a backup while there exist a lock file.
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The database is the front end & back end. That is why I want to implement a automatic backup solution.

Filecopy, hmmm, I'll check that out
You really should split your database.

As for FileCopy, see for a function that includes some basic error trapping.
Thanks Daniel for recommending the "Split Database" & the VBA file copy codes. I appreciate it
Copying a database that is currently open by some other user can lead to corruption.  Backups should happen when all users are out of the application.
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John Tsioumpris
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Good to know PatHartman.

As recommended, I created a split DB. I'll then schedule the backup after workhours. Thanks for the software John, I'll use it.