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Is it possible to do a social engine migration without cpanel or a myphpadmin?

neal wang
neal wang asked
Is it possible to do a social engine migration without cpanel or a myphpadmin?

This is the knowledge base article:


I'm moving from a windows 2008 machine to linux cento machine with no GUI installed (should I install this?) hosted on Azure

I migrated the database and set the configuration parameters in the database.php files but when I try to open the community site in the browser, I get the generic "something is wrong page" and in the error logs there is a bunch of .php errors

Not sure what to do, the KBA mentions to open up cpanel/phpadmin, I don't really have that on my centos environment, is there a way to work around this?
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Just dump the database into the SocialEngine database, copy the files to new machine, restore the database.

Tip: Start by getting your new site working with only HTTPS + HTTP2 + Brotli serving a bare/empty directory first. Only after this is working, work to get SocialEngine working.

No requirement for CPanel or phpMyAdmin, so long as you're good working at the command line.


yes the nginx server is able to serve https pages but not quite sure why the pages aren't loading up, are there other parameters I need to set?
Software Engineer
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You will need to configure nginx to point it to the right place.
(regular configuration).  Check the logfiles (/var/log)
php running under nginx also requires php-fpm (fastcgi php engine).

cpanel/plesk  is for multi tenant webbased server (servlet) management.
phpmyadmin  is only for webbased management of mysql/mariadb.
Both are replacements for commandline access, restricting users to prevent invading  neighbor spaces.