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Compare two excel sheets  to see the difference in data

I have two excel sheets come from two different sources ( each with about 15 fields  - say field 1, Field2.... Field15 ) .
There will be some  differences  in data , and I need to show  the differences ( probably with a different color)

It can be done with MSAccess or Sql Server or Oracle as long as I get the results
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead

you can use conditional formatting with formula
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

You can try to link these spreadsheets ...so that they so as "normal Access Tables" and then create a query  Left Join from SpreadsheetA to SpreadsheetB and a query  Left Join from SpreadsheetB to SpreadsheetA.
Then ...if they have the exact fields (or you can fake it)...you can take these 2 queries and UNION them to have the complete picture (probably with a bit filtering)...to create the equivalent of a FULL JOIN.


Ryan, Please give an example based on Sheet1 and Sheet2 and Field1, Field2, Field3
Software Team Lead
try something like this:

pls refer to attached, and you can do the similar formula for the 2nd sheet.