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network design best practice in MPLS setup

Dear Experts
We recently decided to implement MPLS connectivity between two locations, the location 1 head office which has ILL (leased line) Cisco FTD on Fire pro 1010 with cisco FMC appliance.
Since it is managed MPLS connectivity service provider has placed their router equipment in both the locations in that port 0 they have connected it to their modem and port 1 we are thinking to connect with ethernet cable to our switchs at  
At branch office
Please suggest at branch location port 1 of the service provider router equipment will be connected to the local switch and same router we have asked to the configure as DHCP server.
At head office
We have connected service provider router to local switch making use of port 1 but here we have windows AD functioning as DNS and DHCP hence service provider router is not configured to function as DHCP server.
1.      Please suggest should the MPLS router to be connected to firewall (CISCO FTD) or is it okay to connect directly to our local switch
2.      Since we are in MPLS network can we think to configure DHCP slave at branch location OR dhcp primary server
3.  please suggest is it recommend to have RODC in branch office, we prefer to join the systems of branch office to domain (windows AD) which is in head office

Branch location IP pool is and head office IP pool is
please help on above 1 , 2 and 3 suggest the best practice design, thanks in advance.
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System Admin
MPLS router should be connected to firewall (CISCO FTD)
if the switch is manageable then make it as DHCP server..

if your Org is having 3 sites only and each site having more users then you can go with additional domain controller for each site which will be a fail over option for you.

all the best