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Importing a Local GPO and applying the same GPO for domain joined computers


I have a windows 7 laptop and this laptop not domain joined, and these laptops were used for exams purpose.

I had set up Local GPO on this Windows 7 laptop with restricted access and the word document had spell check disabled etc…

Now we have an IT suite with 20 Windows computers  on our domain and staff would like to have the same type of access as how they have it on the laptop.
So, if I import the Local GPO from the windows 7 Laptop and export back to the Active directory server, create a domain user and assign this policy for this user.

When this user logs in will the policy be applied same as the when logged into the windows 7 laptop.

Please suggest and let me know let me know how to go about or if there is a better way of setting this up.
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