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Counting Sub Categories in SAP BI4

Hello Experts -

Is anyone familiar with SAP BI4? I'm new to this, and I'm trying to do a simple count by category. So say the object is "color", and each record has a "color" field. I added the "color" object to the report, and now I just want to count the number of reds, blues, oranges, etc., so I want a group of red rows with a count or those, then a group of blues and a count of those.

Any ideas? Do I use "break" or "group"? Thanks. When I highlight the color column and just do a "count", it counts the unique values only. I need to know how many reds, how many blues etc.

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I solved it. You need to "break" on that field, and then sum the count of each value of that field. Then, if you want to graph it, you need to assign that sum to a variable, so that you can graph the # of blues, reds, yellows etc.

In Crystal it's a "group". I'm not sure what the difference is between a "group"and a "break" is in the SAP BI.