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Microsoft Office 365 and Stand-Alone  license question

COM1 asked
I have an Office 365 Home account using a specific email address and would like to use that same email address for a Stand-Alone Microsoft office 2019 Home and Business product installed on a different computer. Is there a way to use the same email address for both the Office 365 and Stand-Alone License products?
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And as I have said in other question threads here, this can cause confusion. When you signed up the first time, you signed up for personal. On the new one, make sure to sign up for one of the business products.  

When you do, use private browsing / incognito mode.  Also, when you go to sign in for the first time, you will be asked if you want to use teacher / business or personal. Select personal. As you are using office365 desktop apps, you also have the ability to switch accounts too.

The key is to remember to always select business or personal. Sometimes that pop up as  you log in comes in fast and people are quick to 'x' it out.   And to also use private browsing.


Thanks Scott - selecting Business made sense.
I appreciate  your assistance!