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Transferring data from one worksheet to another worksheet

Wanted to transfer data from one worksheet to another.

On "MAIN_TAB" I have highligthed the columns in dark orange and the data that I want transferred in light orange to "IMP" tab.

So when there is an "I" on column R then I would like the light orange data  transferred to the "IMP" tab.

I've populated the "IMP" tab to show what the end result should look like.

See attachment.
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Didn't find all the fields you were looking for on the Final Tab you built, but I used Get and Transform in Excel 2016 to modify the data into something close to what you are looking for.  The benefit of "Get and Transform" is that once done, it only needs to be refreshed when new data is available in the same format.  But the fields not on the original report would need to be there.  Also, I put both quantities on the report because I was not sure which one was the correct one.


Awesome!  Thank you for the help!

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