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Setting up Wifi 6

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Last Modified: 2020-02-25
I purchased a Nighthawk AX8 to replace my Orbi 5 system. My goal was to start adding Wifi 6 equipment as it is available.  Although the Nighthawk has pretty good coverage, my house is about 3,000 sq ft and my office is in the opposite side of the house, 3 floors up.  I can still get a 5ghz connection, but it is very weak.  I am considering purchasing a Nighthawk EAX80 Range Extender that also has Wifi 6 (Mesh Network).  

I have two questions.
  1. I assume I will not have to have a hard wire on the extender
  • Since it is not an access point (its a mesh network), I should not lose bandwidth (splitting bandwidth in 1/2)?

My goal is to have a full 5ghz connection throughout the house.  At this time, I am not considering running more wire in the house. I would like to keeps it mostly wireless.
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Jason JohanknechtIT Manager

If the mesh is connected via one band (say 5GHz) and WiFi on another (2.4GHz), then you should not lose bandwidth.  Just because it is mesh doesn't mean it won't be a repeater.

It appears the Netgear Fastlane3 technology lets you choose the method of connection.  So, yes it would be possible.
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I found out the combination of my VPN, and a Microsoft Windows update was dropping my internet connection. I had the infamous blue screen and crash. I reverted my Windows OS update, removed my VPN, and reinstalled the VPN. I solved that issue.  On to the second issue,  I purchased the Nighthawk by Netgear because it is supposed to be top of the line, WiFi 6, and future proof for at least a little while.  I purchased a new Netgear Modem, Nighthawk RAX80, and Extender EAX80. The signal would not hold in a 3000 sq ft house. Sad.  My speeds were about 100Mbps at best with that setup.  I decided to revert to my Orbi 2 system.  It does not have Wifi 6, but my signal is 90+ percent and about 300mbps to 780mbps, wireless in the whole house.  Sticking with what works. (Orbi is made by Netgear too, go figure?)