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office365 PST

pma111 asked
is there still a way in office365 to export a users mailbox to a PST file like you could on on-prem exchange servers, or are there alternatives.
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Server engineer
Manual method to Export Office 365 mailbox to PST
Step 1: Login to Office Account online with Administrator credentials
Step 2: Next, Go to Admin > Exchange
Step 3: Click Permissions from the left pane. Go to Admin Roles >> Discovery Management
Step 4: From Discovery Management, click ‘+’ sign to add Roles
Step 5: Now click on ‘Mailbox Import/Export’ below roles
Step 6: Under ‘Members’, click the ‘+’ sign again and click once on the name of the user
Step 7: Click on “Save” after finishing the necessary steps
Step 8: Go to “Compliance Management >> in-place eDiscovery & hold” and click on the New (+)
Step 9: From “In-Place eDiscovery & Hold” dialogue box, type the name and click on the Next button
Step 10: After that choose the all mailboxes by clicking on “Search all mailboxes” or the selected ones by “Specify mailboxes to search” option and adding the ‘+’
Step 11: Set the filters and click on the Next button from the next ‘Search query’ screen
Step 12: The next dialogue is “In-Place Hold Settings” from where you can specify the number of days for which the items are to be kept before they are deleted from the server
Step 13: After that, click on the “Finish”
Step 14: Finally, click the “Close” button after appearing confirmation message
Step 15: Now finally all the generated search gets listed, after the completion of the process, results, you can now click on the downward arrow to export the .pst files

Reference: https://www.codetwo.com/admins-blog/how-to-export-office-365-mailboxes-to-pst-using-ediscovery/
Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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I logged in to my own admin panel and unfortunately, the only option as an admin is what Saif Shaikh has outlined above. I did put a call into MS support to confirm because you would think it would be easier similar to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/recipients/mailbox-import-and-export/export-procedures?view=exchserver-2019.

The other option that I have done and is much easier is doing this through outlook. I only work with small offices so this is easy enough. I imagine not very practical for larger instances.

I am leaving feedback with MS that this should be done similar to on prem.