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Excel Converting decimals into hours / minutes

Jase Alexander
Jase Alexander asked
Hi Experts

Hope you can help

Ive searched in the database and cannot see any response relevant to my question

I have attached a quality check sheet we are using to calculate potential hours required to inspect incoming goods

This calculation is based on how many we have been told the department can perform per hour (range V2 : W4) with the formula in range M15 to Q28 using this data to divide the number required to inspect by the hourly rate

In the attached example, against the purchase order quantities, it is returning a result of 0.19 and 0.10 and when subtotalled is giving 2.57 which would suggest that the total hours is just over 2 and a half hours although im not convinced this is correct ?

Is there a way to convert the decimal total into actual hours / minutes display - Ive tried formatting but I cant seem to get the desired result? Ive highlighted the areas in question in green.

Any suggestions would be very welcome

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I don't think this is valid, because:
.1 * 24 = 2.4 hours
.19 * 24 = 4.56 hours
.29 * 24 = 6.96 hours

I'll look at your workbook.
Finance Analyst
Just divide by 24 and format as time. Result will be 02:34, ie just over 2.5 hours as suggested.

0.19/24 = 00:11
0.10/24 = 00:06
2.57/24 = 02:34

The calculation may not be correct, but there is a formatting solution.
Jase AlexanderCompliance Manager


Hi Rob

Thank you for your help on this - this makes more sense - much appreciated

Also thank you everyone for your input