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How do I convert Old MS access database to the latest version.

Please excuse the lack of knowledge and possibly wrong verbiage used in this question. My customer has an old access database from 1997 and its been converted to a 2002-2003 format. Now my customer would like to convert this .mdb file to the .accdb format. I have tried everything on google and nothing is working. Is there something I am missing. Be advised, I have no CLUE about Access 2016 or any other version.
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John Tsioumpris
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The usual path to create a new blank database in the new version of Access and import everything....then it goes like this :
1. It runs OK ...job finished
2. It doesn't run...then there are a number of reasons why it might not
  • Access bitness : Access 64bit is very restrictive compared to 32bit ...most of ActiveX controls aren't supported and API calls should be "translated" to their 64-bit friendly version (not always)
  • Access and 3rd part drivers : if you use 64bit Access you need 64bit drivers for everything that interacts with your Access...e.g. MsSQL/MySQL...etc
Try step 1 and if you fall in case #2 post back.
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Thanks for the quick response. Both versions are 32 bit.
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<<Is there something I am missing.>>

  Access 2013 and up dropped support for anything other than JET 4.0, but that should not be a problem if you truly have it in Access 2000-2002 format.

<<I have tried everything on google and nothing is working.>>

 Detail out what this means...can you open the DB?  It just doesn't run?  Sort of runs? etc

I will close out this questions as resolved. If there is still an issue I will open another questions.

Sorry Jim, I was closing out the question prior to you responding. As for your question to me, meaning I looked at all the google posts tried to do a save as a accdb but nothing shows up in the folder, I even pointed it to another folder and nothing. I am going to try what John suggested on Friday and see how it goes. If that does not work I will open a new question.