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esxi 6.0 iscsi bindings no used paths not visible

I am running an dell r720xd esxi 6.0.0, 15169789 lab.  I create a volume on an Equallogic ps6500. on the lab host, set my access policy and added the iscsi initiator. On the host i have 4 nics. 0 an 1 for management. 2 and 3 for vm traffic and iscsi. The host shows the iscsi vmkernal bindings are compliance and after setting dynamic discover for the dell equallogic group IP, it finds the LUN. However it shows the iscsi path as not used and the paths are not visible. whats weird is that i can ping only one of the equllogic NIC's ( from esxi and not the others nor the group IP. ( I can ping the iscsi VLAN gateway from the host lab (  from another host connecting to the same SAN i can ping all.  on the lab server iscsi is set to jumbo frames. i have tried to remove the iscsi adapter from the host and reboot/re-add but the same behavior.  I have two other hosts that i was able to connect to the LUN with no issues so i know its something with my lab host.  Any thoughts on what i may be missing are appreciated.

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what does VMKPING state, when you use it via each VMKernel Portgroup...

if the group IP is this should be able to communicate between ESXi and SAN.


vmkping -I vmk0 ...

(also make sure Jumbo Frames is enabled throughout the network)

also check SAN for connections from ESXi.
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Leigh Kalbli


ping on vmk0 to SAN group IP is successful but 1,2,3 fail. I enabled jumbo frames on iscsi adapter, switch (meraki) and equallogic.  I am going to attempt to remove the virtual switch and kernel adapters.  the SAN does not show active connections from the Lab Host but does from another host i used to test.  

[root@esx-lab:~] vmkping -I vmk0
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=255 time=0.581 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=255 time=0.813 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=255 time=0.331 ms
something is wrong with the controller IPs if you cannot ping them, of communicate with them.

I would start with the basics with a single IP Address and VMKernel Portgroup, is this routed network ? or flat ?
The controller IP's should be fine. I have other volumes on the equallogic and two other hosts connecting. in the lab server i created a vmk on the VSS that the management kernel is on. if i vmkping -I vm0 i can reach all the equallogic IPs.  if i vmkping -I vmk1 (iscsi) i cant reach any of the IPs. I looked on the equallogic and ensured that an access policy existed for the i SCSI initiator. it is routed. vmk0 can communicate to the iscsi vlan gw and IPs but no other vmk can.  I confirmed at the switch that my ports are tagged with correct vlans.
do other vmk ports have the gateway defined?
yes they are using the gateway of the management vmk

and can this route get to the Eql SAN?

but it cannot be pinged ?

and therefore I assume no connections can be seen on the Eql SAN, or LUNs are visible in storage devices ?

yes it can route to the eql. I have 4 other hosts that have the same vlan for hypervisor management.  i am able to ping the iscsi vlan gateway route from vmk0.  other vmk's can ping the gw of the iscsi vlan but not the equallogic IP's.after rescan of HBA it does not show LUNS

there is a network issue somewhere here in how this host is configured.

since it is a simple lab, i am going to attempt to reinstall esxi and post back results.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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i plan to approach that way and try without chap. break it down to one physical nick etc. will follow up with results over the weekend

I resintalled esxi/patched and built from the ground up. I dont know what the issue was but after the fresh install vmk's could communicate with the EQL group IP.