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Run-Time Error '3709'

I have an access database that will be used for issue tracking within my organization.  I had added a crude security (Log-in) feature consisting of choosing a Program Office from a combo box and an Access-Key entered into a text box; it was not the most elegant code but was working fine.  Then I made some edits/changes to other features of the database, nothing that should have effected the code I have for logging in but started receiving a Run-Time Error 3709, The search key was not found in any record.  The change I made was to a long text field in one of my tables changing it to track comment history by making it an append only field.  I then went back to earlier draft versions of the database to double check that I had not accidentally changed something in the code only to find all previous versions were experiencing the same error.  

It is really important that I keep a running history of comments added to a record but it is also important that I limit program office access to only those issues that apply to them; I am using the log-in features to set a temp variable used later to filter records.  My code is below but I am not certain the problem is in the code.  

First I test for Null values; then I test for User credentials, this is where I am getting the error; finally I test for admin credentials which work perfectly.  I am a novice at best and have ran out of ideas.  Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Private Sub cmdLogin_Click()
Dim varPOFilter As String
Dim tvarAdmin As String

If IsNull(Me.cboPgmUser) Then  
    MsgBox "You must select a Program Office from the dropdown list provided.", vbInformation, "Program Office Required"  
ElseIf IsNull(Me.txtAccessKey) Then  
    MsgBox "You must enter the Access Key for the Program Office selected.", vbInformation, "Access Key Required"  
' Test for Permissions
        If Me.cboPgmUser.Column(5) = "User" And Me.txtAccessKey = Me.cboPgmUser.Column(4) = True Then
                TempVars.Add "varPOFilter", cboPgmUser.Column(4)
                DoCmd.Close acForm, "LOGIN", acSaveNo
                DoCmd.OpenForm ("Switchboard User")      'THIS IS WHERE THE DEBUGGER HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE ERROR
        ElseIf Me.cboPgmUser.Column(5) = "Admin" And Me.txtAccessKey = Me.cboPgmUser.Column(4) = True Then
                  TempVars.Add "tvarAdmin", "Grant"
                  DoCmd.Close acForm, "LOGIN", acSaveNo
                  DoCmd.OpenForm ("Switchboard Admin")
                MsgBox "The Program Office and Access Key are not a match, please try again.", vbInformation, "Log In Failure"
                Me.txtAccessKey = ""
                Exit Sub
                  End If
         End If
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John Tsioumpris
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With out more inside it would be hard to guess.

Check if the underlying table/query of Switchboard User has some kind of corruption.

Also a longshot...but i found a rather interesting case of this error ...when a field name starts with a space " "

Check the thread here :

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Thank you, I will give it a try and update the results.
There are a few things that can cause that error message and typically it is a record that is corrupt.

 You'd need to delete the record involved and then do a compact and repair.

 Also watch out for any spaces in front of column names as John said, although that's typically when you are exporting something where that occurs.

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