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how do you allow an app to access the mic in windows 10 pro

mkramer777 asked
I am using gotomeeting on a new computer and when I plug in a mic it does not work.  It works on another computer and I think it has to do with the microphone settings in windows 10 to allow gotomeeting app to access the microphone.  Question is:  how do I change the mic settings in win 10 to allow gotmeeting to access the mic?  See screenshot.  On the other computer that works, I can see the gotomeeting app ticked on within this list.
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How was GoToMeeting installed?  It should have placed itself on that list.  Maybe Reinstall it?
Top Expert 2016

check your settings/privacy/microphone settings.


Go to Meeting is not in the list.  I will try and reinstall.  The other computer I have shows it in the list and I installed the same way.