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SQL Database reconnect

MS SQL server on a C drive, database files on D.
OS had issues, had to rebuild the OS on C.
D files were untouched.
Installed OS 2019, and MS SQL server 2017 on C.
Created an instance with the same original name but pointed the data folder location to another folder.
(I didn't want anything inadvertently overwritten).
Original data files at D:\Microsoft SQL Sever\
New location of data at D:\MS SQL Server\

How can I connect the new instance to the original files?
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How about that you do Database backup and after you've rebuilt the server OS in C drive, and have also re-setup SQL server, you then restore SQL server into new server OS?
What was the original setup?windows OS and SQL server versions?
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Thanks Icohan; we ended up using some .bak files to restore.
But your solution, I believe, could have worked and your comments the most thorough.
Thank you