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Configuring a mesh network?

I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk Wifi 6 router and Wifi 6 mesh extender.  My ISP provides a cable modem and router together. The modem/router from my ISP has a wifi connection as well as LAN.  I have heard when you add access points to a network, the network speed gets cut in half.  My first question is, does that happen on a mesh network? Second question is, if I am getting all my connections from my Nighthawk, does the wireless on the modem/router cause the speed to get cut in half as my connection from my ISP modem/router to my Nighhawk is connected through LAN? Another words, should the wireless signal be cut OFF on the cable/router?
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You're not going to need your ISP's wifi. So turning it off may get you more reliable WiFi for the other signals.

Cutting the speed in half, is based on what theory? It's probably not very scientific.

WiFi and network speed is a combination of all your hardware working together. If it's all high quality, I don't see where you're signal is suddenly cut in half. Please note, a modern concrete fortified wall or ceiling, yes, that can cut off 50% or more of your 5GHz signal. That's basic science. The add AP to network = 50% speed, that's just mambojambo.

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Thanks for the feedback.  The equipment I have is very high quality and my 5ghz connection has a full signal throughout my whole house now.  So now I am just at the mercy of walls and ceilings as you said.
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50% of speed is true in WiFi only mesh networks, not using backhaul cabling and only one WiFi Radio. ( or overlapping channels). 

In that case the radio needs to switch between connecting to YOUR system and to the Actual AP of the internet connection.

Also large bodies of water (Aquaria, pool) will influence signals.