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Windows 10 Recovery: network drivers?

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Last Modified: 2020-03-24
If I create a Windows Recovery USB and boot from it:

1) does it contain the appropriate network drivers?

2)I I have backups (C: drive, program/data drive)  on a mapped network drive. Is there anyway to automatically (or via batch file) map to that and keep in on the recovery drive?

3) Is there any situation where the recovery USB along with a complete backup of programs and C: will not be enough?

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lcohanDatabase Analyst

1) this will depend which option you choose when you create the recovery drive like basic or complete that includes all windows system files for a complete installation from it.

2)I don't think this is possible as that recovery drive will become a dedicated one and can't be used for anything else.

3)I believe that the best way to recover ALL from a system - win 10 included - is to use a System Image + recovery drive as described here:


icohan -
I'm usng Acronis Backup to a NAS DROBO.

Acronis allows you to create a "Rescue Media Builder " and asks if you want to create an ISO or do a WinPE based media.

Does an ISO image take a look at the C: Drive (mine is 2T) and create a 2T image, or does it just take the system files?
If I choose Windows, it gives me the option of a "Windows Recovery Environment" ( asks me if I want to add drivers - hence the question).
Does a "complete" recovery drive that you mention contain ALL information on the physical boot drive?
Distinguished Expert 2019
when you create an image of a drive - it contains all the info
all imaging software do this, and there are lots of free ones , like aomei backupper, https://www.ubackup.com/windows-10/free-disk-imaging-software-windows-10-1128.html
if you want a disk clone software - you need other tools -and it's slower; but it makes an exact sector by sector copy of your drive

but i have the impression that you are confusing things - since you asked "Does an ISO image take a look at the C: Drive (mine is 2T) and create a 2T image, or does it just take the system files?"
The recue Rescue Media Builder does what its name says : it builds the rescue media ( a DVD or usb bootable device)
that needs an OS to boot from, and that can come as an ISO file ( to burn to cd or DVD, or usb) or make one based on Windows; the WinPE based media
Distinguished Expert 2019

i assume all is ok now?


yep - all is good - appreciate the help. Just slow in getting back here...

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