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Macro for conditional formating in Excel

Hello experts,

I have in a excel file:

-      A target value in C1
-      A table A4:D406
-      values for each row in column D. These values are sorted from lowest to greatest (so D4<D5<D6…)

I would like a macro that formats all the data in the range ‘An:Dn’ in ‘bold red’, with n being the row number where Dn<=C1

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Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

Why use VBA? Conditional Formatting should do that without VBA



It will help me learn VBScript and I can copy and paste in other files

I believe you can do this with Conditional Formatting.  Selecting Column D and using conditional formatting to look for cells <= C1.  The only disadvantage is the highlighting is only column D.  So if it is important to highlight A:D maybe this won't work.

Sorry my comment didn't see your responses.
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

VBScript is not the same as VBA. I see no point in VBA for this, you can copy and paste formats to another workbook.

By all means learn VBA, but don't use it pointlessly.



If you don't want to respect my request, your choice... Always amazed that people spend more time challenging customers requests than addressing them. I know exactly what I want and I don't need to further justify. And yes, maybe VBA is the correct term

Sure.  Think most of the experts comments are to help clarify the request.  Sometimes a question is not completely clear, or perhaps the author is not aware of other alternatives.  In your case you clear about what you want.
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You can use this macro. Change the Const value in line 3 to match your table's name

Sub CheckAgainstC1()

Const TABLE_NAME = "Table1"
Dim lngLastRow As Long
Dim lngRow As Long
Dim tbl As ListObject

Set tbl = ActiveSheet.ListObjects(TABLE_NAME)
lngLastRow = tbl.Range.Rows.Count + 1

For lngRow = 5 To lngLastRow
    If Cells(lngRow, "D") <= Range("C1") Then
        Cells(lngRow, "D").Font.Bold = True
        Cells(lngRow, "D").Font.Color = vbRed
    End If

End Sub

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